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 Abortion pills - medical abortion

The abortion pill

Abortion pills are sometimes confused with morning-after pills. The morning after pills are used after sex to prevent fertilization but abortion pills are used when one has tested and confirmed to be positive.

 Surgical Abortion 

About Surgical abortion

Vacuum aspiration also termed as "suction method" is a surgical abortion procedure whereby the fetus is safely removed using a vacuum aspiration pump. It can be performed without anesthesia "mild sedation",
however one may prefer to be sedated during the process. This procedure takes about 30 minutes but preparations before the actual procedure require one to have enough time as it may take longer than expected.

​There are two methods of vacuum aspiration.
​Auto and manual vacuum aspiration.
Auto vacuum aspiration involves the use of a thin tube (cannula) that is attached by tubing to a bottle and a pump, which provides a gentle vacuum.
​The cannula is passed into the uterus, the pump is turned on, and the tissue is gently removed from the uterus.